Terms & Conditions apply


I HEREBY employ the services of CasCan Nig Ltd to act as my agent with respect to my application for College/University Admission Or a Permanent Resident Visa( PR) and all matters incidental thereto. Cas-Can is responsible for directing/ guiding me in gathering the necessary documents towards the processing through of my application about to, or already submitted by me to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) , assist me , prepare me for any interview, should one be requested, respond to all inquiries from CIC and advise me on any matter related to this applications, from this time forth. I acknowledge that no guarantees have been made as to the outcome of this application, and as the final decision rests with CIC.

I agree that Cas-Can does NOT process Visa for clients other than to guide and assist the client through the process. FEES:

  1. NO weekend business activities( as an educational institution we are processing for you will equally be closed)
  2. NO business after 5 PM (closing time)
  3. ALL correspondence is done strictly VIA email, calls will be placed across to client on a need-to-need basis.
  4. The Basic Fees for the applications are US $600 and the US $1,000 respectively payable one time at the commencement of the application process.
  5. I understand that the fees paid by me in respect of work that has been done and time that has been spent on my case are not refundable for any reason
  6. The fee paid covers the work that has been outlined above as it relates to my application.
  7. Government fees and other administrative fees are not included in my fees paid to CasCan MultiGlobal Nigeria Ltd.
  8. I am responsible for incidental costs, such as medicals, police clearances, photographs, long-distance calls, translations, evaluation and any work that I request that are separate from the student Visa application. The Long-distance courier charges as the case may be, are payable by me.
  9. Again ALL communication is done through company email.
  10. Feeling our Form and engaging our service either online or offline indicates that you accept ALL terms and conditions stated here



  1. I understand that my personal initiative in responding to requests for information or documents promptly is essential for Cas-Can MultiGlobal Nigeria Ltd to complete my application.
  2. I agree that all information which I may provide to Cas-Can MultiGlobal must be truthful and accurate and that my agent reserves the right to revoke or cancel this retainer at any time if the information given to her is found to be untruthful, misleading or false.
  3. I agree that I will provide information and documents in a timely manner so that my application can be completed promptly. Should I consistently fail to respond to requests for information, I understand that my file may be closed as abandoned after 90 days of no contact and there will be no refund of fees. Should I request to have my file re-opened, there may be additional charges to bring the file current and this is at the discretion of .the Cas-Can.
  4. I agree to provide current and reliable contact information to Cas-Can MultiGlobal Nigeria Ltd even during short absences so that I can receive communication from them and meet deadlines that may be imposed in regards to the application being processed.
  5. I agree that I have been counseled and retained under current legislation. Any changes made to the Act, Regulation, Procedures or Policies that are made before my application is in process, or retroactive changes, may impact my application and I agree that Cas-Can MultiGlobal that cannot be held responsible for these changes.
  6. I agree that the immigration process in case of PR can be a lengthy one, and nothing can be made by Cas-Can MultiGlobal Nigeria Ltd to minimize delays. Frequent requests for file status updates or requests for unnecessary meetings, therefore, will be of no valuable assistance
  7. I agree that if I receive any call or mail directly from CIC, I must contact Cas- Can MultiGlobal Nigeria Ltd for necessary advice.
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